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Winter Report 2014

including July-October trip



A new pipeline…

Repairing boreholes …

Working together with Wilmslow Wells we’ve successfully  extended the pipeline bringing water from the Phala River to Bilisoni Village. This has brought safe, clean, local water to over 100 households—more than 500 people for the first time ever.

Bringing water from the Phala River into Bilisoni Village

This project had been under discussion for years with little progress. However, this year, Action Aid successfully started constructing the scheme, but allegedly, local resources ran out and the project finished short.

On our return to Malawi in July, we heard about the disappointment and difficulties that still affected the 500 villagers in the Bilisoni area who all relied on just one borehole—the only water source in the village. Enquiries were made, meetings held with Chiefs and water officials, and we drew up plans…….

The end result was amazing!

Bilisoni Village now has the 2 planned taps plus an extra one we introduced!  Makhonja 2 Village also gained another tap, so our thanks to Wilmslow Wells (a UK Charity specialising in water) for partnering with us to fund the pipework extension. Dozens of villagers dug the trenches, others followed, fitting the pipes we’d bought, and very soon water was flowing from the 4 community taps added to the system, plus allowances for an extra 2 at our OHP Centre.

Repairing boreholes—

We repaired 2 boreholes while in Malawi—restoring  clean, safe, local water to about 3000 people, but we learned that 3 more need urgent attention:

All three of these boreholes are frontline facilities, heavily used when working, but have been abandoned through lack of parts.   This placed immense strain on families, especially the women who have to walk long distances to other pumps, or resort to potentially polluted river water.

It is estimated that approximately 6,500 people are affected by the breakdown of these 3 pumps and Wilmslow Wells will again partner with us to fund the repairs.


1 Site being considered for Bilisoni tap No. 1

2. & 3. Pipe trenches dug by villagers .

4. Cement apron for tap being prepared and built

Celebration as water flows for the  first time

       (Makhonja 2 & Bilisoni)

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Latest News! We’ve now repaired all 3 pumps to the delight of thousands!





Village Head Bilisoni “opens” a new tap in his village.