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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

A decade ago, we used to hop across a few rocks to pass along “Michesi Road”.  But now the torrential rains upstream have hewn out huge chasms in the roadway, slicing it into 4 sections, causing dangerous crossings, the floodwater sometimes reaching 4ft high. Current bridges were unsafe and especially challenging for the elderly and infirm.

So we planned to reconstruct two new bridges along this road, and resurface the third.  It’s a heavily used thoroughfare, hundreds of people travel this route daily, children walking to school, as well as villagers travelling to market, maize mills, hospitals and water supplies

Bridge No 1:  Nansanya Village

We re-surfaced this bridge -

 completed in October.

Bridge No. 2:  Lolo Village

before reconstruction (right) — the timbers were collapsing, the pillars undermined by water, and the bridge so unstable, it relied on a pole to hold it up

So we set to work.  1.5m foundations

were dug, down to bedrock, and

cemented in. Stone pillars were built and pointed, huge poles secured and treated timbers laid.

Bridge No. 3:  Lolo Village

This was the smallest of the bridges. It was

originally made of sticks and when crossing, felt shaky, unsteady & unstable.

It was decided to keep this bridge too narrow for motor vehicles, to stop the road becoming a fast-moving shortcut to local amenities, endangering the children and other vulnerable folk living in the area.

The original condition of these bridges hindered normal life in this whole area, as well as putting lives at risk should they collapse, so their repair changed hundreds of lives on

a daily basis.

Winter Report 2018


September-November trip


During this trip, we repaired 12 borehole pumps, restoring clean, safe, local water to 2199 households— about 10,000 people.

Pumps were welded after running them for a week (to prove the reliability of repair)—to prevent theft and vandalism

Our thanks to Wilmslow Wells for Africa for working in partnership with us, funding these repairs.

Borehole Pump repair

Clean, safe water for thousands….

Again, foundations were dug to bedrock, pillars built, poles laid, and topped with treated timbers.


Safe passage …..

This bridge (below)  took 5 weeks of hard labour to complete, and is now a sturdy, stable construction, expected to last for decades to come.

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

Bridge 1

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Villagers collected tons of stone and river sand for the construction of the bridges as their contribution.  We employed 5 in the building team, plus gave work to carpenters, timber cutters, quarrystone hackers,

transporters and local building suppliers.