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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
TRAINING … .... So, here, we offer both theoretical (indoor)and practical (outdoor) training. We’ve presented many Courses, but major in livestock training and agricultural best practice. Other Courses include: Manure production - Animal husbandry  Rabbit keeping - Agro-forestry -   Group dynamics/leadership - Nutrition Small business management - Marriage & family - Family budgeting Training is the  transport  to change ..... Convinced that communicating good information well is a major key towards escaping the poverty trap, our Training Hall featured in the 1st phase of development of our site. Donate now In partnership with “Farming God’s Way” - an innovative approach to farming in the tropics - we’ve been hosting training in conservation farming for hundreds of local subsistence farmers. “Farming  God’s Way” ....

Rabbit care

Moringa training




Conceived as a multi-use building, it has two rooms - the main Hall will seat over 100, and a smaller Hall can accommodate about 30 in a more intimate atmosphere.

Our purpose-built Training Hall is the central venue for all our Courses.

Moringa training

On-site training…

Training in:

a) Dairy goat  management

b) Agriculture

c) Conservation    farming

d) Production of    sani-wear

  “Happy Days”

e) Bible training    for pastors

f) Reforestation

g) IT training for     staff







Training in the community …



Explaining how to effectively grow moringa; the nutritional value of the leaves and how to cook them properly…