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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
A year after paying the connection charge - electricity finally arrives on site! Building  progress.... The building programme of our site in Chiringa is progressing. We’ve built kholas for the male goats, plastered the outsides of the older buildings to weather-proof them before the rains. Male goat khola The Training Hall is a bold and beautiful local resource.   It’s been great to be able to host the first few Training Courses there and when fully equipped will offer a wide range of development opportunities for the community. Our Training Hall .... We’re still short of equipment—we only have a few chairs so far, but people, hungry for quality teaching, happily sat on benches or the floor! We train both in theory in the classroom, and by practical demonstration outside Training a group of Chiefs in agricultural best practice Road preparation gradually making progress Training Hall Offices & Storerooms Female Goat Unit Autumn 2009 Developing our site ..... Donate now