Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Our sites ….. Donate now! Providing a secure base from which to serve the community, our building programme is nearing completion. The security wall is finished and mostly capped with glass as, sadly, security is becoming an increasing problem. Building .... Utilities .... While we were there, once again our water supply dwindled to nothing, our tanks dry, however, we laid a new pipe network so water can be circulated round the site by a solar-powered pump, to improve availability and pressure when the water’s flowing. Agriculture .... Moringa leaves - packed with vitamins, iron, protein, calcium and potassium Transport .... Moringa ... Left:  Kids’ Unit, and some of the young ones enjoying it! Training ... All OHP work in Malawi is overseen by trusted friends and we’ll return in February.


Winter report 2013

 including trip to Malawi Sept-Nov