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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
On site ..... Winter 2012 Rabbits are doing much better—despite the uncomfortable weather most kits have survived. The effects of improved feeding and management have been clearly seen and appreciated by the staff Left; Rabbits in a breeding pen in our rabbitry  Right: a distributed rabbit in its khola in the community Goats Rabbits Agriculture The BUV (basic utility vehicle) has been repaired - kindly funded by Rotary NW, and is brilliant!   It was used to carry milk, agri-staff to prepare FGW community fields, tools and lots of other equipment and materials.   A transport treasure! The BUV leaving our site to deliver milk to the remote areas, and agri-staff to prepare villages’ community gardens BUV We hope to plaster walls, floors, fit electrics & plumbing, early in 2013 Building Programme Processing Unit Roofing the Processing Unit One huge challenge is powering this Unit. Electricity supply is hopelessly erratic, so we need to develop a robust array of solar panels and all the peripherals to go with them.   A major logistical and financial challenge. Security Wall The security wall progressed as labour was available, and we’re delighted that our boundary is now complete.  The wall has been 4 years in the making and is not yet full-height, nor capped & pointed in some places, but we’ll keep working on it! Preparing foundations Donate now