Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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This trip we’ve managed to complete the front section of the Processing Unit with electrics, floors and walls, and 10 solar panels were fitted to the roof (thank you I & J!)

This system will run the fridge/freezer (goat milk storage), computers, security & emergency lighting, and projector for training if the mains electricity is off. Mains electricity supply is erratic at best!

Agri & Rabbit Offices - one room extended and divided into two, both are now in use,

Garage/Goat Shelter  - re-roofed with a sturdier frame using the original roofing sheets.

The kitchen, previously a shack alongside the house, dark, dingy and regularly flooded with mud and rubbish - was rebuilt over a concrete water channel.

Pump House, powered by solar, is now driving

water around site under pressure.

Our 19 full-time Malawian staff had worked well in our absence.

We put 3 of our guys through their motorbike tests, so they can now officially drive our motorbike. This may seem a minor fact to report, but they are probably the only ones who hold a proper licence in the area—and ride a legally insured bike!

Dave had 2 staff work alongside him training them practically in plumbing and electrics, to build their skill base and experience.

OHP was invited to join the prestigious local Executive Development Committee, responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating all development in the area.

Les & Kathie—our good friends who live in Malawi are regular visitors on site to oversee projects, mentor staff and check financial accounts. Their ability, willingness and diligence in ferreting out information, sourcing materials, and advising on cultural issues, is invaluable.

Les & Kathie

Our builders were greatly challenged by constructing our new double-storey 8-hutch rabbit khola with a metal gravity-fed waste system, and double tin roof to keep the rabbits cooler.

Summer Report 2014

including Feb-March trip

But we’re still exploring ideas to produce an economical design for community rabbitries -  strong, predator proof, easy to build and use, hygienic, and from local readily available materials.

As we left, a double-cage prototype, for this purpose was being constructed with bamboo & blue-gum trees.

On Site ….

Open Hand Projects, Chiringa

Building progress

First water from the tap!

Our new 8-hutch rabbitry on site

Entrance to the Processing Unit, where a kitchen will enable hygienic goats’ milk sterilization and storage. The rear rooms will be used to process moringa into a nutritious food supplement and a Field Office will house our Field Workers/Project team.

Staff ….

For 7 years we’ve been gradually developing our Centre - buildings, agricultural areas and livestock facilities.  We’ve been employing local building teams, water carriers, brick-makers, carpenters, metal workers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, transporters and solar installers—it’s all food on their tables!

We are now coming to the end of our building programme, creating facilities to better manage projects, improve security and build capacity into staff and local villagers by providing training resources.  


Some of the OHP staff learning how to prepare equipment

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