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Winter Report 2016

including September-November trip

ON SITE …..OHP Centre

Our dairy goats are in good condition, despite the inevitable difficulties of finding green foodstuff at this time of the year. During November, we produced 8 ltrs of milk a day, enough to help 40-50 acutely vulnerable babies, depending on age. However, along with solar challenges with refrigeration, this meant storage problems, and led us to open 2 new outlets for the milk.

Supply through the community pipeline to site was poor—we went for weeks without any water coming, though occasionally some flowed at night so our tanks were filled. However, to meet the needs of all departments, we set up a water-collecting night shift making 4-5 journeys before dawn to local boreholes with our trike packed with 20ltr containers. This would take the pressure off for the best part of a week, but not permanently.

Water supply is an ongoing challenge……

By the end of the trip our Tree Nursery was flourishing, and Community Tree Nurseries checked. Several were removed from our programme as initial interest had waned, but 3 new Nurseries were funded, and all issued with equipment and seeds:

mtangatanga (firewood/fuel).

glycidia (soil improvement) &

moringa (nutrition)  

We’ve been on our current site since 2008, gradually adding buildings/improvements as required. All our expected building work has now been completed, so this trip we surveyed the site, listing renovations needed to bring the buildings and facilities up to date. This included work in all the goat venues, Processing Unit, Training Hall/Classroom, water & solar supply—all successfully completed. Vehicles were also repaired/serviced—we want to set a good example of care.

On the whole, our 16 staff members are doing well. Sadly, we lost Gladson, our Project Leader, in June, after working together for 9 years. Inevitably, this left a void, but John is “growing” into his new role, handling the project work with energy and thoughtfulness, and representing OHP well. Loveness, our Field Officer, is also developing in skills and outlook, and providing leadership support alongside her own tasks and responsibilities in the community.

The success of our underwear appeal meant we took more than 700 items to Malawi—panties were used in the “Happy Days” packs and some were kept for the next phase.

We also gave out reading & sight glasses, babies’ jumpers, knitted blankets, quilts, and girls dresses, all kindly donated by supporters in the UK.

Dairy Goats

Left: Some of our “girls”

Right: one of  the male kids leaving for his new home

We had 5 male kids to distribute, so we issued them into different areas to improve stock in local communities.


Reforestation & Moringa

Site Maintenance


OPEN HAND - giving

Agriculturally, Moringa is still our main crop.  Over both sites,we have thousands of trees planted but are still eager to increase numbers for processing the leaves into the food supplement for community nutrition.

Poor electricity supply hindered developing improvements to our milling machine and dehydrators —we planned  to power them using parts of an old generator—but need connectors from the UK, as none were found locally.

Plastic sheeting for roofing, is invaluable to the vulnerable, so was urgently distributed before the rains

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