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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Our goat herd continues to supply milk to vulnerable babies, but it’s always a challenge to feed them well at this time of year because of the seasonal non-availability of greenstuff. But we made hay when the grass was prolific and bought in extra protein-rich leaves, preparing as much as

we could for the dry

season. We still feed

concentrates to

lactating and pregnant


We’re still moving slowly forward with reforestation. We’ve found trying to organise village groups to plant and care for trees disappointingly unproductive and hard to monitor, so we’ve pulled back to issuing seeds/planting tubes, or seedlings, to people we know well or we’re working alongside, e.g. the committee that are running the new Community Centre in Mthowa. They’ve been enthused, encouraged, and empowered to plant trees behind the building to benefit the community. They had already begun to dig holes as soon as the builders had finished trampling the ground and planned to plant mtangatanga (fuel & timber), glycidia (green manure/soil enrichment) and moringa (nutrition). We expect to continue to build a tree-planting base, but within the confines of what we can effectively monitor in the future to better evaluate success.

The number of students on our education programme has increased again as there appears to be more stability in education circles. We now have 105 students on our programme in three schools, this trip we selected new students, had uniforms made, provided school and exam fees, and gave our new girls a sani-pack to keep them secure and comfortable—and thus not missing lessons—during their monthly period.

At least 2 passed their MSCE exams last year—but we haven’t heard yet about the rest.

Our team is coping well. Apart from the usual work, projects bring challenges, and finding solutions develops skills & character. Those in management roles kept projects on time and on budget, finished to high standards, and handled a lot of money from multiple projects simultaneously, with integrity and forethought. We’re gradually improving records, monitoring & evaluation.

Water & electricity supply were erratic, but our solar array kept fridge/freezers and pumps going,

all vehicles have been serviced and re-insured, generators repaired, and new security lights fitted.

Maintenance of buildings and equipment is a good local example of responsible management.

Winter Report 2018


September-November trip

ON SITE - OHP Centre

Dairy Goats

Reforestation &


Site - Staff &  maintenance

Education Sponsorship

Open Hand - giving

Fern & Faedra - at 6 days old (left)

Simba, one of our stud bucks (right)

Moringa pods (left)

We still have thousands of moringa trees on site.  Leaves continue to be harvested, trees pruned, and ground is currently being prepared to plant more seedlings, germinated in our tree nursery.  

Leaves are dried, milled and added to the children’s phala as a nutritious food supplement, and sometimes given away to those considered at nutritional risk.

We gave out many goods that we brought across from the UK—     243 pairs of glasses, children’s jumpers, knitted blankets,       underwear for sani-packs, and even bras to sell for a small        business!

       But more importantly, we’ve financed hospital/dental           treatment & transport, and met many emergency needs             for travel, funeral help, food, soap, sleeping mats,                 primary school uniforms, roofing materials, vegetable                           seeds, bike repairs to get the voluntary TB                              committee back on the road, and replaced                              personal goods destroyed by fire.

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Some of the girls on our Education Programme from Chiringa CDSS - proudly showing off their new uniforms!

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