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Still a lot to do to make the Processing Unit fully operational.  The front section is floored and plastered, but needs electrical connections completed - both mains & solar, and furnishing.

The rear section for moringa processing will be developed, then fitted out with equipment for washing, draining, drying, and milling facilities for the moringa leaves, suitable storage and distribution facilities.  Alongside, we’ll be increasing  moringa production.

Another plan, recommended by our visiting vets, was to convert our “mini-mountain” - a craggy pile of unusable rocks in the middle of our site—into a large high paddock for free grazing our female goats. They’ll be safe on our own land -  just one wall is needed to produce an ideal goats’ playground!  They’d have more space (reducing bullying), get more exercise, and be able to graze the rough vegetation between rocks, thus cutting down our need to gather quite so much hay and greenstuff.

Friends and supporters, Ian & Jude E, are coming in August to train some of our staff in IT— building capacity and developing valuable skills they never dreamt they would ever have the opportunity to explore—they’re very excited! We need more computer hardware—any spare laptops hanging around that we could take over?

The three boreholes we repaired are working well, but we have further requests for help to mend another 4 serving many thousands of people.  Wilmslow Wells, a UK charity specialising in water supply, are partnering with us again to meet this need.

Delighted recipients of our Food Programme make their way home after the final distribution—but our storeroom is now empty!  We need help to fill it again…..

Next ….

Summer Report 2014

including Feb-March trip

Always pressing forward, we’re looking to the next step ……….

After the successful distribution of 15 tonnes of maize through our Food Programme 2013/2014, our storeroom is now empty and needs to be refilled. This year we would like to buy in and store 20 tonnes of maize to be shared with the vulnerable from Christmas, through the “hunger period”—this will cost about £4000 in total and provide the basis for about 80,000 meals—can you help?

Food Programme preparation

Processing Unit

Paddock Wall

Skills development

Restoring water…..

Rabbinga Project

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A brand new concept to benefit the poor,

AIDS-affected, and vulnerable—linking both

our rabbit and moringa initiatives together, to provide rich nutrition at minimal cost and effort for the frail.  

Scaled up, it could also become a sustainable income generating activity.  

Looking for funding…..

£4000 = basis for 80,000 meals