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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
LATEST NEWS .... Donate now Winter 2014 Update July 2014 We’ve repaired 4 boreholes during the past few months - bringing clean, safe, local water back to many thousands Goat breeding has been disappointing, but last month  3 more kids were born including one female who is doing well, and  6 more does are due to kid over the next few months. Another successful food distribution during the hunger period 2013/14 provided enough maize for 175 vulnerable families - 663 people - during the whole 3-months. Of the 175 families fed, 145 of them are female-led. Hunger .... Visitors .... Goats .... Water .... 15 tonnes of maize were distributed, now our storeroom is empty and we need help refilling it.

RASC  Next Generation (the vibrant younger agricultural enthusiasts of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth) selected Open Hand Projects to feature in their Malawi Mission to explore Foreign Aid Initiatives - June 2014.

9 delegates from around the world - Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Uganda as well as Malawi spent a memorable day in Chiringa, visiting our milk/phala project, boreholes we’ve repaired, community rabbit kholas, houses we’ve built for the vulnerable and judged at an OHP mini Agri Show, awarding prizes to excited local farmers for their produce. A touch chaotic as everything tends to be in Malawi., but a great success!

Just £5 (donated with Gift Aid)

will provide maize for 160 meals!

With only 12 vets in

the whole of Malawi, their invaluable input will not only help our guys but they’ll share with their neighbours in the vulnerable communities who rely on healthy livestock for food and income generation.  

Veterinary help

Dave, Lynda and Jenny - 3 of Aid Africa/Open Hand Projects’ Trustees - will be flying back to Malawi at the end of July to check on progress and meet with Les & Kathie, our Overseers who visit site regularly

Les & Kathie

Gary and Bethany, from CVM (Christian Veterinary Mission) came all the way from California to help our Goat team learn about veterinary care and best practice.

Ian & Jude will be joining Dave and Lynda in August to continue building capacity into our staff by training in computer usage.

Gary & Bethany’s video

Share our conviction that education is a major key to working out of poverty?

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Education Programme

just £45 a year

(preferably by Standing Order)

will enable a vulnerable teenager to go to school, and possibly a lot more if Gift Aid is appropriate, and the currency exchange rate favourable!