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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Water has been high on our priority list in 2014.

We’ve extended pipelines from the Phala River

to two rural villages that have never had tapped water before.

Amazingly, this work was completed in a week, with the community digging the trenches, and laying pipes, bringing water to 500 people.

Additionally, during our most recent trip to Malawi, we repaired 2 boreholes, then subsequently 3 more, restoring clean, safe, local water to about 10,000 people.

However, it’s now late in the dry season.  The levels in the source rivers are so low that the piped water supply is intermittent.  Some of the shallower boreholes have already dried up, creating huge stress on those that are still working.  So repairing these deep, major boreholes this year has guaranteed at least some water in the area.  

We need rain! Up till now, the eagerly awaited rains have not yet arrived in our area. This is a serious situation when over 90% survive on subsistence farming locally. It’s so hot that the maize seedlings would fry, and with no water available for irrigation, the seeds cannot be planted until the annual rains come…..

Usually they arrive in November, often with such sudden force on parched land that there are flash floods destroying houses and any planted crops. But this year, their non-arrival means the maize hasn’t been planted yet, so the harvest is in jeopardy and at best, late.

This will lead once again to widespread hunger throughout our area in 2015.

December 2014/January 2015 Hunger .... Water ....

We are entering  “the hunger period” in southern Malawi - the season between last year’s maize running out and the next harvest. It usually spans 3 months, but probably longer this time as the maize will be planted so late.

During the year we’ve been training in conservation farming to empower the able-bodied to grow crops more effectively -  although the climate is always a crucial factor.

But, the most vulnerable need more help, so our Food Programme is just about to swing into action.

We anticipate feeding 200 families —about 750 people—a meal a day throughout the hunger period (December 2014 to March 2015) when basic food is scarce. Individual household assessments have been done to ensure the most vulnerable benefit.

16 tonnes of maize (320 bags - about 65,000 meals) was bought and stored ready to be distributed freely to those assessed as most in need.

It’s been a busy time this year - visitors trained in veterinary practice, computer use, conservation farming, and livestock care & management - all immensely valuable.

Maize bags beginning to arrive on site…..

We are still sponsoring

100 vulnerable teenagers

through Secondary School.

If you share our conviction that education is a major key to working out of poverty

 then join our

Education Programme

Just £45 a year

(preferably by Standing Order)

will enable a vulnerable teenager to go to school, and possibly a lot more if Gift Aid is appropriate, and the currency exchange rate favourable!


January 2015

Just before Christmas we began our 3-month Food Programme, issuing maize to 200 vulnerable families - here are some expressing their thanks to our UK supporters….

The rains have just started - but no news yet about the state of crops

Water - December....

Projects….Education &     Training ....

Local builders and other tradesmen have brought our site a step closer to expected completion in 2015.

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