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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
LATEST NEWS .... Just text: Afri22  To: 70070 and donate £3, £5 or £10 to help right now! Donate now Summer 2014 Update January 2014 6 goats are due to  give birth over the  next few weeks,  hopefully amongst  the offspring will be some good females to strengthen our  breeding programme.  Our new Kids’ Unit is ready and available to house the newcomers Just some of the beneficiaries of the maize from our Food Programme, Dec 2013. Hunger .... Visitors .... Joy after the  Elderlies Luncheon.... Goats .... Water .... Rabbits ... Our “fast food” rabbit project is now heading in the right direction - we have the first community kholas built and rabbits bred for issue. Housing ... 3 more houses built - 3 more vulnerable families safe and secure in their new homes Of the 175 families fed, 145 of them are female-led.    The 663 people on the register will have enough maize for a meal a day for the 3-month “hunger period”.  It might be the only meal they’ll eat that day..... A new home for a blind, elderly man, living with AIDS, and his wife, and an orphan too!

RASC  Next Generation (the vibrant younger agricultural enthusiasts of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth) selected Open Hand Projects to feature in their Malawi Mission to explore a Foreign Aid Initiative - June 2014.

9 delegates from around the world - Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Uganda as well as Malawi spent a memorable day in Chiringa, visiting our milk/phala project, boreholes we’ve repaired, community rabbit kholas, houses we’ve built for the vulnerable and judged at an OHP mini Agri Show, awarding prizes to excited local farmers for their produce. A touch chaotic as everything tends to be in Malawi., but a great success!