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Mtikhe Community Centre

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This building caused such excitement in this disadvantaged society, that the Opening Ceremony was postponed as so many officials clamoured to attend the occasion! But at last the event happened and representatives from social welfare, police, community dev, health, child protection, Village Heads, and journalists from national TV and radio joined the whole community in celebration.

In October 2015 we visited a Nursery School, with a roll of 62 children, who gathered each day under a tree in a village called Mtikhe.

We were captivated by the passion for education of the 3 voluntary teachers with little in the way of resources beyond a cracked blackboard and a few chalks—the children learned basic letters and numbers by drawing them with a stick in the sand.This is a rare and forward-thinking village, who are particularly keen to promote education for girls—42 are currently registered.

But on assessment, it soon became obvious that instead of the simple classroom requested, a multi-purpose building, incorporating the Nursery School, would be more beneficial to the whole community. When we fund village amenities, we always work alongside the villagers, so their part was to make 11,000 bricks and supply river-sand, and ours was to provide cement, all building materials and an expert construction team.

We brought in more bricks, cemented a strong foundation into place, extended the length, added a veranda and interior walls to strengthen the construction, create interior rooms and further support the roof.  

Over the months the building took shape, and by December, it was complete. It’s sturdy, brick-built, with cement floor, iron roof, glazed metal windows, and secure doors, all finished to a very high standard for the area.

It’s an invaluable community resource, and will host many other groups—all-age teaching classes, community events, under-5 health checks, etc., all run by a dedicated committee. Now, not only has the Nursery School a brilliant new home, but Mtikhe Village has a multi-purpose Community Centre at its heart.  

The proposed site in early October 2015

Building progressed —by mid-November, the roof was on and floor down, plastering the walls had begun —including two to be finished with blackboard paint. The veranda offering shelter and shade,  was constructed and roofed

Our heroes….

But an astounding fact came to light— 2 of the 3 volunteer teachers working tirelessly for these youngsters were on our AID AFRICA Education Programme nearly a decade ago! There may not be many jobs, but our gift of a school place, sponsored by friends in the UK,  stimulated their vision to

help others!

built 2015

Opening Ceremony ….

21st January 2016

As soon as the dedication speeches were over, and the building officially passed into the hands of the community, the crowds enthusiastically poured inside, thoroughly appreciating this amazing new resource that will enhance their lives.

Construction ….