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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
Open Hand Projects  the local working title of  AID AFRICA   transforms thousands of lives in the remote rural areas of southern Malawi It was the middle of winter in Malawi, the weather distinctly chilly as we left, so we were amazed, on returning to the UK 48 hours later, to be greeted  with tropical heat and blazing sunshine!     So what happened during our 3-month trip? By Lynda Mills 12 year old Alek, with her little baby brother  - whom she cares for since their mother died - clutching their new  blankets knitted by friends in the UK. Life in Malawi ..... Another test,   another HIV+    result.        This widow has         three young           children Summer Report 2009 Including trip to Malawi - April/June HIV/AIDS Another consequence of the AIDS pandemic, and one of our most  frustrating challenges, is the major skills shortage. There is little expertise anywhere in the rural areas. veterinary care is sketchy at best, and human healthcare limited. Donate now