Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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By Lynda Mills Returning to Malawi in October, the landscape was bleak, scorched and empty - a far cry from the lush vegetation we left behind in June ..... Milk Project .... Mums, guardians and babies eagerly await our goats’ milk distribution at Chigwirigwidi Village AIDS figures are still growing. Pregnant ladies are compulsorily tested as part of their routine ante-natal care, but the fear of a positive result is stopping some from attending this valuable service, putting babies - and mothers - at risk. Hoping for Maize ..... AIDS ... The “Yankho” AIDS Support Group meets weekly in our Hall. About 20 people gather for mutual encouragement and practical help, chaired by one of our own staff who is HIV+. It’s a safe forum where they can discuss issues relevant to their situations, and plans for the future. Local challenges ... Winter Report 2010 including Malawi trip - Oct/Nov Goats .... The very exciting Community Rabbit Project is about to be launched, to supply food and profit to the vulnerable. We currently have 3 chickens kholas, and plans were put into place to distribute specialist cockerels and local hens in the local community to evaluate breed improvement, and move younger ones into breeding groups. Rabbits & chickens ..... Donate now