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Phase 2 of the Rabbinga Project is scheduled for March 2015—plans are already in progress.

Most of the does have been mated and the first kits have just been born.

Winter Report 2014

including July-October trip



Our newest project—”Rabbinga” is a combination of rabbit breeding for meat/income generation alongside  growing moringa trees for vegetable-based multi-nutrients

Rabbinga Project

Phase 1 has been launched.The first 10 vulnerable recipients were identified, assessed as capable, and invited for a day’s training course mid-October. All participants attended, enjoyed a meal, learned about keeping rabbits and the value of moringa trees. There are few rabbits in the area and everybody was excited about the prospect.

Four staff members presented the course:- Merge & Frank —covering rabbit care and planning, Loveness—nutrition & cookery, and John—moringa and khola construction. They worked out the Course between themselves.

The kholas & care will be monitored, and as a “Pass-On” project—each new owner will be required to “pass-on” 2 young does and 1 buck to another vulnerable family as soon as their rabbits start breeding. The new family will then receive training, and the “rabbinga” package.

Stephano, and one of his 4 children.

He’s a widower, his wife has already died from AIDS-related disease

Chickens issued to Yankho members (our AIDS-support group) last year are doing well and chicks have been passed on to other vulnerable households as required by the Programme.

Early days, and not yet discussed with authorities, but hope to prepare moringa seedlings to plant on the mountain during 2015 rains—to provide free nutritional vegetable food and possibly fuel (though low grade/soft wood) to help replenish & restock the mountain and stabilise soil after acute deforestation/charcoal burning—a major problem.

We’ve kept the overall number of 100 sponsored children, but mostly taken new students from Migowi & Chiringa schools, as Michesi Secondary has quadrupled their fees without notice and are considering compulsory boarding. This could increase costs uncontrollably. The dilemma is that poor parents of bright children selected for this school will be even less able to afford the fees, leaving the children unable to continue with their education—the very ones we wish to help. But on the other hand, we take our responsibilities to our sponsors seriously and don’t want to commit ourselves to exorbitant rises in fees for the 4 years of a students academic life. We’ll wait & watch

Rabbinga Training

Course included best care, feeding, mating, kindling (birth), slaughter & pass-on of  rabbits, plus moringa care

Base-frame, kindling box and types of  food suitable for rabbits.

Chicken Project

Trees—next year



We built just one standard house this trip for a prominent, but homeless, AIDS-affected man supporting orphans—he was so relieved and delighted, and humbly thanked all those in the UK who have blessed him in this way.

Once the building materials had been collected by the participants, OHP provided a timber and chicken wire khola (hutch) base to allow manure to be harvested underneath, and then a kindling box, rabbits (2f & 1m ) & moringa seedlings when the khola had been finished and inspected.

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