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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
Flooding the disaster unfolds ...... Flooding - the consequences .... Flooding - the consequences  Left - the ruins of a former home, torrential rain and high winds ripped off the roof, then floods finished off the walls.   Another homeless family. Here, in the foreground is the maize crop as grown traditionally in ridges - stunted, yellowed, failing and unproductive. Right next door, behind our two volunteers is the FGW community garden. Prolific, fully grown, promising an abundant harvest. Why? What’s the difference?  Identical land and location? The difference is farming technique.  Which is why we’re trying so hard, in partnership with the FGW team, to train local farmers to nourish and protect their soil. What a successful maize field should look like at this time of year - a fine FGW example! 3 more boreholes repaired access for 2000 people to clean, safe water Houses built and roofs repaired for the frail February 2013 LATEST NEWS …. ....

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