Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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The Food Programme has been planned and we anticipate supplying maize to 200 families (about 750 people) enough for a meal a day throughout the hunger period (December to March 2015) when basic food is scarce. Individual household assessments are currently being made to ensure the most vulnerable benefit.

16 tonnes (320 bags) of maize was bought and stored in a new supply of anti-weevil bags which are checked weekly to ensure there’s no deterioration or damage.

Our main food distribution …….

Even though we actively work against dependency, there are so many frail and hungry at this time of the year, that we issue enough maize for a meal-a-day to about 750 vulnerable folk for three months.


Winter Report 2014

including July-October trip


Above: The first of the maize arrives

Below: John checks the stored maize weekly for damage or deterioration.

Elderlies Luncheons

Dozens of frail elderlies from villages all around, resolutely make their way to our Centre. Today’s the day of the eagerly anticipated Elderlies Luncheon!  Each month we serve a nutritious meal to the most vulnerable.  Many are sick, bent with age, weak and frail, but with beaming smiles they enjoy their feast. This is probably the best meal they’ve had since they last came here, and as the dry season takes hold, food is more difficult for them to come by and many are hungry.

But on this day they happily enjoy meeting together around a bowl of rice, cabbage & goat meat, chatting away to old friends they’ve not seen for a while as they become less mobile.  

Usually there’s enthusiastic community singing and even a bit of dancing, but today there’s a gentle quietness.  One of their number, Lizzie, from across the road, passed away in the week.  She had a stroke, we rushed her to the hospital—no emergency services here—but she passed peacefully. We added dignity to the funeral by providing a simple coffin and food for the mourners easing the distress of this acutely vulnerable family.

Blog—Facebook…. 24th Sept 2014

Life is fragile in rural Malawi, but hope flourishes in every smile......

by Lynda Mills

The Milk Programme is still successfully providing our highly nutritious goats’ milk to 65 acutely vulnerable babies in 2 centres, sometimes referred from the Health Centres or Maternity Unit as an emergency. Additionally, about 40-50 toddlers receive the maize-based porridge fortified with moringa, soya, oil and dried fish.

Milk & Likuni Phala

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Despite the smiles, another family crisis—a new orphan joins the Milk Programme.  

Her mother died at birth.


Yummy phala— and a  new jumper!

Milk distribution at Bwanali


The main programme begins at Christmas, and each month, each family, alongside the 25kgs maize (100 meals), also receives 4 x soya packs, and a bar each of bathing and laundry soap—real luxuries if you can’t afford to eat!

Additionally, our “Hunger Response” initiative has an extra 1100kgs of maize (enough for the basis of 4400 meals)  to be issued at the Project Committee’s discretion from September till April.

Hunger is still the No. 1 challenge