Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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However, the weather has once again taken its toll on the fields. The annual rains were short-lived and drought decimated the maize harvest in many areas. 27% of local subsistence farmers harvested absolutely nothing. 2011 Report  including trip to Malawi  March/May By Lynda Mills

Forthcoming Agricultural Show. A great opportunity for local farmers to learn in a social atmosphere. We’ve been asked to display our work, so our stand features photos of our projects, moringa, lucaena, manure, and milk - but no animals to avoid cross-infection with local stock. We’ve also donated 10 watering cans as prizes (much sought after!), and we’ll have a laptop running FGW training for crowd appeal!

Moringa  - Leaves contain exceptional nutrients Winter is the time to plant vegetables, so tomato nurseries were established, indigenous veggie beds prepared, manure constantly made, and moringa seedlings planted to replace those lost in the drought. A successful maize cob grown according to “Farming God’s Way”   Cobs on maize planted in traditional ridges on adjacent land were small and stunted. Agriculture .... Hunger .... Food Programme Training... Projected agricultural training course .Grateful thanks to  Rotary for supplying 150 chairs and  IATP for providing the projector! Donate now