Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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“HELP” PROJECTS are usually practical and people-centred rather than community  -based. They are specially tailored to circumstances and help individuals and their families with practical solutions towards an enhanced lifestyle or emergency need. Apart from the Milk and Food Programmes it may be providing mosquito nets, blankets, clothing, seeds, livestock or a business loan. It may be building homes for the frail, replacing roofs for vulnerable families, or funding transport to collect ARV’s (AIDS treatment) from the hospital. Our primary target group: orphans,  the elderly, disabled and  AIDS-affected “HELPS” PROGRAMME changing lives …. A roof replacement changes lives ..... Simple gifts can change lives ..... Other “Helps” according to need....... Mosquito nets can save lives - malaria is a killer in the remote areas More house builds Donate now Identified by his village as particularly vulnerable, we replaced his roof and glazed his windows! The roof of Alias’ home was ripped off in a violent storm. He’s frail and elderly and winter was coming .....

3 months later, Esther’s house was complete,3 villages had a restored water supply and best of all, Esther felt part of village life again and was able to help others

Esther, her son, and their new home Esther - in the ruins of her home

A new home changes lives ….

Donated reading glasses enhance lives

Small business

loans, based

on an agreed

business plan,


the poor to get onto the first rung of the ladder, working to provide for their own families.

Small business grants & loans - Lucy’s tools were provided so she could make and sell efficient clay stoves saving wood.

Orphaned at 11 yrs old, and caring for her baby brother, Alec receives blankets.....

Clothing of all sorts is a very special gift…