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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
Our first goat khola complex built in traditional style in 2006 Mulanje - the only saanen-type buck for hundreds of miles became our first rental stud. Dairy Goats A major challenge  to goat  health is good  feeding. Malawi’s climate swings between flooding and drought, so adequate supplies of quality foodstuff are hard to find. Water shortages, lack of veterinary drugs, equipment, and expertise in the area also cause concern, but we’ve been encouraged over the years by the hundreds of vulnerable babies that have thrived after receiving our milk ..... Early days .... Our current female goat accommodation - consists of a khola to house 20+ does, 3 paddocks,  milking parlour, storeroom, office and birthing unit.  Additionally there are kholas and paddocks for kids, bucks, and an isolation unit. and then.... Donate now

Our investigations also led us to some “saanen”-type goats that had been imported by a charity and given to farmers high in the mountains about 1.5hrs from us. We followed this up and after being concerned about the level of care, we offered to house one of the bucks over the rainy period when they’d lost others, and pay them a stud fee.


Kids Unit

Bucks’ kholas

Current goat project

Female goats’ complex