Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Income generation ..... When we can, we’re always eager to help people up onto the bottom rung of the ladder, empowering them to help themselves, and funding small businesses is one way. Stove in action Lucy’s stoves -  saving wood and building a business to support her family Above left:  Simple tools for making stoves. Right:  Moulding the stoves Left: Stoves ready for firing Economy ..... Following an appeal for glasses, about 150 pairs came in for us to take to Malawi. A life-changing experience for many as each pair was given away to a very grateful villager,delighted with fresh opportunities to read and improve their sight We gave out blankets, kindly knitted in the UK, beautiful baby quilts donated by a Quilting Group, knitted jumpers and other clothing, gratefully received as the temperature dropped into winter. Some of the grateful recipients of the reading specs 2 orphans, enjoying our goats milk and their new jumpers! Future plans ..... Gifts ..... Pure and genuine religion means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.... Jas 1:27 Donate now!


Summer report 2013 including trip to Malawi April-June