Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Summer Report 2018

including February-April trip


When we arrived in February, we found many people hungry, so we bought in 5 tonnes of maize—enough for 20,000 meals—plus 800 packs of soya meals and 400 bars of soap. Our staff prepared an emergency list of 200 vulnerable households and we provided the basic food to keep about 750 hungry people fed till the next maize harvest.

Food Programme


Goats milk

& phala programmes

Supplying milk is a vitally important programme, but at this time of the

year, it’s always a major challenge

to provide enough because milk

yields are low due to goats’


We had to carefully

review our lists again, sorting the most vulnerable babies and moving others onto phala if old enough and in need—and we also provided formula powder for Sundays to those at nutritional risk.

We still have 3 points of distribution, daily from our Centre, and Phodogoma & Namata Villages, where phala (fortified porridge) is also served to 45 children.

Providing goats’ milk to orphaned, AIDS-affected & malnourished babies has been a niche project  for many years. “Breast is best”, but there are few alternatives to feeding infants on flour & water if no breast milk is available.

Elderlies’ Luncheons

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It’s now a well polished event, our guests come to site from early morning, eager to be there. Their names are ticked off the list, they sit and chat with 30 or so of their generation, hands are washed, a drink given and after prayer, the meal is served —usually rice, goat meat, and veg. The great part is they get to socialise, dance and sing.

It also gives us the opportunity to show respect, and honour them with our attention, time and resources.

For years we’ve been inviting vulnerable older folk to site each fortnight for a nutritious, delicious, and much appreciated meal.