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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Originally monthly, but now each fortnight, dozens of frail elderly folk are invited to lunch at our Centre.

It’s cooked for them while they chat happily - rice, flavoured goats’ meat & vegetables, served by some of our staff, eager to appreciate and affirm the older folks’ value in this fragile society.  

Elderlies Luncheons

The meal is usually followed by enthusiastic singing, prayer and even a spot of dancing - a great opportunity to socialise.

Often they arrive early in the morning to make sure they’re on site in time, all eagerly anticipating the best meal they’ve had since they were last here.

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At the other end of the age range - our Phala Project for toddlers

Typical comment from our staff: (Feb 2018)

“Today we conducted an elderlies’ luncheon, many came and attended the celebration and everyone went home with a smile on their face”…

It’s daunting to realise that these frail, hungry folk, without income, between them support dozens of orphans at home!