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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
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Education for girls

Malawi is trying to achieve gender equality in education - but often in the past in this culture, girls’ education has been neglected and there’s been a tendency to keep them at home to do the household chores.  

However, in 2018, Michesi school opened its girls’ boarding facilities in an attempt to reduce pregnancies, child marriages, and ensure the girls focus on their education. Some of our sponsored girls board at this school.

Additionally, another challenge for girls has been managing their monthly periods with limited sanitary facilities.  Our “Happy Days” project has provided washable sani-ware, and empowered them not to miss school!

For over a decade we’ve been sponsoring students - sometimes as many as 10% of the school roll - and we’ve enabled many to gain their MSCE (akin to the UK’s GCSE) - a high qualification for most in the rural areas.  Some have gone on to Teachers’ Training, University, become teachers, or gained other employment and have achieved more than they could ever have hoped for without the education sponsorship provided.

But of course, even outside of employment, there are so many benefits to education.  Some started their own businesses armed with the skills they’d learned, and confidence they’d developed.

Back in 2015 we were involved in building a Community Centre for Mtikhe Village prompted by a nursery school’s need for shelter.  Voluntary staff had battled for years to inspire young ones out in the open, despite the ferocious weather and few teaching materials.

We were humbled to learn that 2 of the 3 dedicated volunteers had been on our education programme years before - community heroes!

Some of our sponsored students at a Chiringa Secondary School, one of the three local schools we work with.…

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We regret,however, that as we keep overheads to a minimum we do not have the admin availability to link up individual students with out-of-country sponsors.