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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Cyclone Idai devastated southern Africa, leaving more than 1000 dead. The President of Malawi declared a state of emergency, and in our district alone, 5000 households were affected, approx 25,000 people in need of help.

Storms tore down homes, swept away precious food reserves in dirty water, and the maize crop, almost ready for harvest, was flattened in the fields.  

The No.1 need was food.  

We were able to buy in more maize to extend our food programme that had already helped about 750 people through the 3-month hunger period, to include another 10kgs for each family, not much (40 meals), but greatly appreciated by many who were desperate.

Food shortages—particularly maize, the staple diet—will no doubt continue to be a problem through the year as so much was lost when the storms battered the fields.

Borehole pump repair

Safe water supply under these circumstances is crucial. Failure to secure clean water can result in water-borne disease—just diarrhoea can kill an already malnourished body.  

Our friends, Wilmslow Wells for Africa, partnered with us to repair 7 broken pumps, restoring clean, safe, local water to 1500 households, about 8000 people, and two schools.

As soon as the ground had dried out a bit for safety, we engaged teams to construct 60 toilets in the communities. They dug new 3m pits, based

them securely, then surrounded them with bamboo

framed shelters, lined with plastic sheeting and

covered with thatch. A simple structure, but offering

personal privacy, that should last for years.

We’re grateful to FOMA for generously funding much of

the work, and delighted that no cases of cholera were

reported in our area - the work even won a national award!

Regina is 78 years old, and cares for 4 orphans from 4-14 years including one disabled little girl. She struggles to provide even the most basic necessities including food, clothing, blankets and education, and would never have been able to replace her toilet that collapsed in the storms and filled with debris.   

       We built 60 toilets in

   17 different villages, more     than half for households      led by the elderly, many      also caring for orphans.

     22% of the facilities built    were for the AIDS-affected,    and 14% for the homes of      those living with either         mental or physical


Summer Report 2019

including May trip


Cyclone Idai hits our area in March 2019

Our guys reported the local loss of many houses, outside kitchens, toilets, and other essential buildings, but being “on the ground” we were able to help immediately, concentrating our efforts on the most important, relevant, and urgent issues…..

Disaster mitigation…





Regina’s delighted with her new facilities (right)

Toilet facilities

Effective sanitation goes hand-in-hand with water supply, and we knew from past experience (2015’s storms) that outbuilding toilets would be at high risk of collapse & potential contamination by floodwater.


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