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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

House builds ....

Cassava Pass-on Programme. Left: Selina in what was left of her house after the floods.    And several months later receiving the keys to her new home! Summer report 2013 including trip to Malawi April-June by Lynda Mills Goats & milk .... Milk programme Interestingly, we’ve had referrals from several Govt. Health Centres and a Maternity Unit, so others are also recognising the milk’s value further afield. While visiting our goats’ milk distribution to vulnerable babies in Bwanali Village, our Field Officer gave a cookery demo teaching nutrition, and we were invited to local homes to assess the food situation. It was a sobering experience. Rural hunger .... Below: Teaching ladies at Bwanali how to make Likuni Phala, a maize-based porridge, enriched with soya, dried fish, red beans & groundnut flour - obviously popular with the youngsters just moving off our milk programme. Our community    projects ..... Flooding Right:  Edina, another frail elderly widow, looking after two orphans, was delighted with her new house! Vanessa - just one of the orphans, with little hope of  survival   without our     goats       milk Agriculture.... Agri-training in the bush - FGW DVD’s shown on a laptop perched on a chair & and practical demonstration!. Some of the 15,000kgs of maize bought in for the frail & vulnerable during the hunger period later in the year. None of the families visited had food for more than a week, with no way of getting more. Donate now! Community Gardens .... Food Programme