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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
Donate now Community Projects ..... Milk Programme We replaced several houses. Falace’s family lost everything when a fire destroyed their home. Falace - hungry and heavily pregnant - her husband and two children, were living in the ruins, and the rains were due…. Waiting for milk at Bwanali milk drop ...... Water supply This is Bongwe village’s borehole, one of the three we repaired. It had been broken for 2 years, and was left in that state because the local residents were unable to afford the parts. They then had the option of using a dubiously-safe well nearby, or to walk for an hour up the mountain to collect water from the Phala River. As you can see - all are delighted to have safe water flowing freely back in the local community. House rebuilds They originally asked for  help with a new roof, but  on assessment it was decided that the walls were damaged and too weak so, with the help of their neighbours and church, we built them a secure new house—with windows! Above: Falace & children - their house destroyed by fire, and on the right, the roof  being fitted on their new home Afale, probably in her 80’s but doesn’t know her age, came to see us asking for help rebuilding her house. Her home—a tiny raw-brick hut—was crumbling and the roof collapsing. She’s frail, without any form of income, and very hungry. Afale - safe, secure and dry  in her new home Potato peelings ,,,, We rebuilt a number of roofs and supplied plastic sheeting to many others for roof repairs Roofs ... Community agri-gardens The whole locality was blessed by Grant (Sth Africa) and Dickson (Malawi) coming onto site to train staff and local farmers in “Farming God’s Way” earlier in the year. Winter 2012 Godfrey - and his collapsing roof Mr P.