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Winter Report 2015

including October-November trip


Milk and Likuni Phala Programmes are still running effectively 3 times a week in Bwanali for orphaned/malnourished/AIDS-affected youngsters. 26 vulnerable babies are on milk, and 40 youngsters receive phala (fortified porridge). This porridge flour, fortified with moringa as well as other valuable nutrients, is mixed and milled on-site.

Additionally, another 21 babies receive milk daily direct from our Centre.

Guardians report children are growing well as a result

of these initiatives. It’s amazing to see youngsters who

have been through both programmes, once frail and at

risk, now wandering around, healthy, and happily looking

for mischief!

Left:  Evans—11 months old, now on our Milk Programme at Bwanali. He’s still too weak to sit or move around, due to earlier malnutrition, but is now gaining wight, health and strength

Right: Older kids hungrily licking the phala cooking pots

Right: Loveness, our Field Officer, sharing moringa powder.  

Mothers and guardians have eagerly brought slivers of plastic paper to take home this precious powder. Reminds us we need to extend our Reforestation Programme to this village soon—planting hundreds of moringa trees for common use.

Bwanali Village:

Goats milk—

26 babies


40 toddlers

From our Centre:

Goats milk—

21 babies daily

We added 5 tonnes of maize to the16 tonnes bought earlier in the year ready for the first of 3 monthly issues at Christmas (2015) — enough for about 85,000 meals.

Each month we’ll give 270 families (up from 200 last year), 25kgs maize, 4 packs of dried soya, and a bar each of laundry and skin soap.

The hunger situation is expected to be particularly acute at this time following the poor maize harvest due to the disastrous cyclones that ravaged the country earlier this year.  As a result, we’re also issuing 100kgs of maize each month from November, to both the Mtikhe Nursery School and the Chiringa School for the Blind.

Maize Feeding Programme 2015/16

Milk & Phala Programmes

Elderlies’ Luncheons

Each month, about 40 frail elderly folk from neighbouring villages make their way to our Training Hall to enjoy a social time—singing, dancing, laughter—along with a nourishing meal.  

Over the months, we try to include as many folk as possible. Invitations are so treasured, our friends often arrive first thing in the morning!

Livestock Projects


The pass-on aspect of this project has begun, but to speed things up, we added a couple of hens and a cockerel to each of the 4 successful Yankho (our AIDS-affected support group) community kholas.  


The Rabbinga Project has not been as easy /successful as originally expected, due to mating difficulties and poor survival of kittens—could be due to care, khola conditions or adverse weather. Will be reviewed.


Moved on 4 of our quality, well-bred bucks into the community to help improve local goat stock.

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