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 Report 2017

So many people were hungry…..

The first of our anticipated 3 monthly issues took place in December 2016, so hundreds of people had food for Christmas. This was followed by a double distribution at the end of January 2017 to the 300 families assessed as acutely vulnerable, providing maize and soap for 2 further months - aiming to keep over a thousand people going until the next harvest.

January 2017, on our site ….

 Representatives from some of  the 300 families eagerly await their portion ….

The identity of each participant is checked against our lists. This basic food sustains life in many cases - we often find that people haven’t eaten for days before they come.

The soap and sometimes dried soya meals are a luxury to many - if you can’t afford to buy food, you can’t afford other necessary items, so we provide both laundry and skin soap for simple hygiene and health.

Goats milk

& phala programmes

Food Programme



Elderlies Luncheons

Twice a month, dozens of frail elderly folk make their way to our site for a special lunch - appreciated all year round, but particularly during the “hunger period”, (December-March).

Each fortnight, between 30 and 40 people are served with a nutritious meal, followed by singing and dancing - a happy occasion for all.  

Our staff engage with our visitors, affirming their value and importance in a culture that is severely stressed, unsupportive, and hungry themselves.

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We also grow vegetables for the frail - mustard is a common green crop, providing  essential nutrients alongside the maize.

Dozens of local people are invited to share as the crop is continually harvested on site.

We also grow moringa - a tree with highly nutritious leaves, and give away seedlings to promote growth in the rural areas to improve community health.


All year we have been quietly plodding along in the background, producing and delivering our nutritious goats milk to over 50 malnourished babies each week, at two satellite Centres:

Namata and Phodogoma, plus our own site.

Babies are gaining strength and weight, despite the

difficulties their families have had in feeding them.  

Local Comment: The guardians expressed their thanks for the milk and likuni phala because their children are now growing in health and strength.”

Additionally, another 40 toddlers are also receiving “likuni phala”, a maize-based fortified porridge at Namata and Phodogoma. In the bad times, this might be the only meal that child has that day.

They are likely orphans, or could be aids-affected, or have a mother who is so sick or malnourished herself, she isn’t able to produce the milk her infant needs.  

We always promote “breast is best” but there are so many cases of inability to feed, and consequently failure to thrive.

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