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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Life is still tough in the rural areas, despite challenges of intense heat, hunger, little electricity and water, we still made steady progress.

We opened several new milk drops, repaired 7 borehole pumps—restoring clean safe water back to about 10,000 people—and dug our first well. We replaced roofs for elderly folk, and issued plastic sheeting to families to repair their own.

Our Sani-project was launched establishing 4 businesses as people were trained to make the products and units were issued to all the girls on our sponsored education programme—a life-changing opportunity for them to stay in education, secure and comfortable for the whole month!

It’s clear that the hunger situation is likely to be the worst we’ve ever known this year, so we managed to buy in more maize—a further 7,500 kgs, totalling over 30 tonnes in our storerooms—enough for 130,000 meals.

This will be distributed to 300+ assessed families for 3 months, starting Christmas 2016

Visits to our Bwanali milk drop proved interesting.

The milk supplied had done wonders for the babies there and their health and weight had all improved, so we looked for a more needy area to place our milk.

However, we’ll continue to provide the likuni phala (fortified porridge) for 40 youngsters there, at least for the next few months during the “hunger  period”, as this whole area is particularly vulnerable.

Following pleas for help, we identified acute need in remote villages and following family assessments, gathered 20 babies together in Namata Village.

But toddlers were also malnourished, so we organised nutritious phala to be made for 25 of them too.

Another “milk drop” was begun next to a Health Centre in Phodogoma, and we still provide milk direct from our Centre on a daily basis.

Winter Report 2016

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