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Winter Report 2015

including October-November trip


We planned to repair 7 boreholes in the rural areas, but the currency exchange rate was so favourable that, helped by funding from Wilmslow Wells for Africa, we managed to repair 8, restoring clean, safe, local water back to over 30,000 people!

Njima Village Borehole

1230 households used this borehole —broken since July 2015.  It’s in a remote area, so women walk a long distance to collect water from the next borehole or risk their family’s health using potentially polluted river water, when it’s available. So many rivers dry up from September onwards

Also repaired:

Yuwa Village: 1325 families used the borehole before it broke down in 2013

Khulumula Village: 932 households need this pump, but it broke down in 2013

Michesi Primary School: 2350 students rely on this busy borehole as well as all the other families in this area. It still worked occasionally, though the parts were breaking down through long-term wear and over-use.

Sakwedwa Village: Out of use since 2013—54 children are in the nursery school here  and a further 804 households relied on this borehole.

Mwanda Village: 684 households used this borehole until it broke down in 2011.  

Sipani Village:432 households are lost without the use of this borehole which broke down in May this year.

Khanyepa Village: this borehole broke down in August, leaving the 850 households without local water.


Sipani Village Borehole

Sakwedwa Village Borehole

Khulumula Village Borehole

Njima Village Borehole Pump,  broken for months …..                                              ….. repaired to the delight of the villagers


The future cost of education is unsure. Rumours abound about the gov. bringing in charges for primary education—it’s always been free, though classes are often over 100.  Secondary school fees will shoot up from next term, so we’ve kept just 80 students on our Sponsorship Programme until things become clearer. School uniforms have been made & Exam fees paid.

 Some of the students from Chiringa CDSS on our Sponsorship Programme, proudly wearing their new uniforms.


(Income Generating Activities)

Eager to discourage dependency, an IGA Programme has long been on our wish-list, but it involves a lot of time and administration. We aim to empower people with a capital interest-free loan to start a sustainable small business, so they can enjoy the dignity of providing for their own family, from their own efforts, rather than seeking hand-outs—and in a small way, get the local economy rolling again.  Our friend Cathrine joined us on this trip, and with a background in banking, was excited to help, checking applications, authorising and monitoring loans. Many applications are not deemed viable, but we’ll help advise better ways and business practices to guide them on their way to success. The first few businesses have begun, with more applications arriving …..

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