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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Summer Report 2019

including May trip


During our trip in May, we visited all 5 of our Community Centres, constructed between 2015—2018, to check condition and monitor usage. All were surprise visits without warning, so we were delighted to find nursery schools still thriving at each location. All teachers are voluntary and there is little or no charge for pupils.

487 pre-schoolers are on the joint books, happily learning in safe, local facilities.

Each building is effective, heavily used and highly respected, additionally housing health, civic, recreational & educational events.

During the cyclone in March, nearly 50 families fled to the Centres in the middle of the night, for shelter when their homes were destroyed. They stayed there, secure and dry, till the water subsided, their homes dried out, and were at least temporarily patched up.

Having a prestigious building in the community has attracted the attention of district authorities, and some teachers have been “legitimised” by training courses.  Water authorities have connected a pipeline and provided a tap, and there’s even talk of a possible connection to electricity!

And we’re still encouraging reforestation…...

We also visited bridges that we’ve built over the years—the first constructed in 2015 following the storms that cut access from Mozambique, the mountain and the remote areas—to schools, health facilities, homes and businesses.

It has had constant heavy use but is still the main vehicular thoroughfare and enables free movement of goods and people on this busy route.

Mtikhe Community Centre - built 2015

Msikita Community Centre - built 2016

Namata Community Centre - built 2018

Mthowa Community Centre - built 2018

Liphala Community Centre - built 2018

Behind Mthowa Community Centre - because of the building, the authorities have established a water tap, around which the community intend planting vegetables and trees.

All 3 bridges we replaced/repaired last year (2018) are holding out well despite the high water levels and forceful currents during the rainy season and then the cyclone earlier this year.

These bridges have changed the lives of

hundreds daily, both in safety & convenience;

improving access to schools and all other

facilities, and even enabling an emergency

ambulance to reach rural homes.

Community Centres


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Namalamba Bridge built 2015

A major thoroughfare to the Mozambican border, linking hundreds of homes to schools, water access, healthcare, market and businesses.

The smallest of the bridges built in 2018