Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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AID AFRICA/Open  Hand  Projects’  new roadside  site in Chiringa  under construction, showing  offices, storeroom, Training Hall and Goat Khola Our new site in Chiringa ....... Security Walls Training Hall ... Perhaps the biggest innovation this trip was constructing the Training Hall, generously donated by IATP  (The International Agricultural Training Programme). Here we will not only offer courses in agriculture, manure making, and animal husbandry, but also Life Skills Development, and hopefully used as a Youth Centre... and  that’s just for starters! On the left - the house where we welcome visitors and live when we’re in Malawi On the right - are our immediate neighbours’ houses and land. In the middle - part of our unfinished outer wall - we need urgent help to complete  this all around the site. This is the rear of our Chiringa site - Site development ..... Summer 2009 Donate now