Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Community Vaccination Programme Right: Vaccinating local chickens Water ..... And finally ... Doris , the orphans she cares for, and her collapsed house earlier this year Doris - her new house, and some of our volunteers who helped us build it Our very first egg! Chickens ..... We’re working to intense breeding programmes for both chickens and goats, not only to supply nutritious eggs and milk to the malnourished, but also to provide improver stock for local subsistence farmers in due course. And finally ..... Donate now This Bore-Hole, in  Bilisoni Village, had been broken for 6 months, so when “Open Hand Projects” (Aid Africa) repaired it, about 4000 people, from 4 villages benefited.  And the cost?   About £75! Local taps fed by the community water system spluttered for a while, then dried out. The only safe water  is now from Bore-Holes. On her way to collect water (her plastic bottle in her left hand) Sept/Oct 2008

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