Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Part of our new land in Chiringa - with  the main goat-house under construction. As we left  Malawi at the end of June, the main khola (goat-house)  was nearing completion, the foundations for the offices & storeroom were being laid, and resources were left for the next khola. This 32-year old widow, is a  mum to two children. This little one is HIV+ just like his mother, but her 9 year old daughter is clear of the disease.  Sadly, the likelihood is that she will be orphaned in the not too distant future. “Thanks”  to all who  donated medical  equipment & supplies.  They were distributed to Health Centres and Hospitals and  joyfully received! The Face of AIDS in rural Africa It’s estimated that 45% of our catchment area is HIV+, and new cases are being added daily - 232 in the past 6 months! Just £42 annually will pay for a child’s uniform, books,  school & exam fees.  These children would probably not be  at school without your help.       More children waiting .... Education Sponsorship ..... Healthcare -  one example ..... Next steps ..... Our target group: Orphans, the elderly, disabled and AIDS-affected And we’re still ...... OUR NEW SITE Living with challenges ..…   summer 2008 A big “thank you” to all our sponsors - 80 vulnerable teenagers have the opportunity of education thanks to you!  Most of you by now will have received a letter from your child expressing their own thanks personally. Sponsor a child’s education? Donate now