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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
So Robert goes on - walking a tightrope on the edge of hunger, with his climate becoming increasingly extreme - torrential flooding washing away his precious seeds, and scorching heat, drought, and water shortage. He doesn’t seem perturbed by carbon footprints, he’s just concerned that his children - and the four orphans in his care - will eat something today. Robert’s carbon footprint would hardly dent his barren soil. All his family’s clothes are from recycled stock by necessity, and he has no shoes, only a pair of much-worn flip-flops, one green, one red, in slightly different sizes. By Lynda Mills He wishes he could choose to turn his 42” plasma-screen TV off from standby - he did see a television once, years ago, and would love to see one again. Lifestyle, In the rural areas ....... A Carbon Footprint ..... FAQs .....  Life in the bush Donate now