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Winter Report 2019

including Sept-Nov trip…..


Borehole Pump repair

We repaired 7 borehole pumps earlier in the year

(1500 households, about

8000 people and 2 schools), then by August another 6 were reported broken, so we repaired those too, restoring clean safe water to another 1120  households,

(about 5000 people).

(Above) Busy repairing pumps….

(Below) Parts ready for borehole repair …..


Repaired pumps:

Nangoma Village (top)

Chiduba Village (top right)

Mtepa Village (above)

Singano Village (right)

Then, during our Sept-Nov trip, we repaired another 2 borehole pumps including the one at Gogo Nazombe Health Centre. This backs up the new pipeline system we constructed, ensuring continual water supply to the medical facilities, even during the dry season.

Water supply freshly restored to Gogo Nazombe Health Centre

(Right) Bilison Village pump, now repaired, is heavily used, serving

460 households, and as it’s on the main road, many passers-by too.

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