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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
All boreholes repaired are still working well, just in the last few months we’ve restored clean local drinking water to thousands of people  There are still more to do! by Lynda Mills Report of Malawi trip - Apr/May 2007 Agriculture ..... Bore-holes ..... Loan-A-Goat Scheme ..... One of our groups of volunteers has re-roofed 5 houses of the elderly, and also banded together to do voluntary work at the local hospital, clearing litter, and supplying soap and other help to patients. It was a fruitful, if exhausting trip! We’ve made small business investments - usually between £5 - £10 for ladies to start a little business buying and selling maize, rice or vegetables.  We also gave seeds to create market gardens. We rebuilt this collapsed house - devastated by floods - for an elderly widow who is struggling to care for 3 orphans, and replaced a roof destroyed by fire. MILK PROJECT Goats ..... Quail Dairy Unit Milk Programme Play Centre  & Care Team ..... Education ..... “Mercy” Projects..... Transport ..... See the new house .... Donate now

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