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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi


The obvious need for smarter agricultural practices to meet the dual challenges of malnutrition and hunger formed the original community scheme that launched Open Hand Projects back in 2005.  

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Climate ….

In the remote, rural areas of Malawi, more than 90% of the villagers rely on rain-fed subsistence farming to survive, and hunger is common.

There is only one “rainy” season - usually expected from November to March, and the single annual maize harvest depends on the quality of these rains.  Maize is the major crop here, and the basis for “nsima” the staple diet, the thick, heavy, carbohydrate basis for most meals, usually eaten rolled in a little “relish” - a vegetable or meat accompaniment.

But the climate can be erratic, volatile and increasingly unpredictable - ranging from torrential storms that devastate whole areas to searing drought and water shortage.

As a result, maize harvest yields have been dropping

as villagers wrestle with the combined challenges of extreme weather, over-dependence on a single crop, declining soil fertility, shortages of land,

seed, and chemical fertilisers, as prices soar…

Agriculture is still a core concern, so on our two sites, over the years, our practical efforts have become focused into 6 main areas:

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