Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Summer Report 2016

including February-May trip


The people were hungry.

The third issue of our 2015/16 Food Programme took place as we arrived in February, distributing 25kgs maize (27,000 meals), 4 packs of soya meals, & 2 soaps to 270 vulnerable families (1170 people), aiming to provide a meal a day for the following month.


However, it was soon evident that due to the late rains, the harvest wouldn’t be ready till April, so the hunger period would stretch another month—could we provide a 4th distribution?

Life is still tough in the rural areas, and this trip was

lived out against the backdrop of acute local hunger, stifling

heat, water shortages, erratic electricity supply, and the deteriorating health of one of our key staff members. But, despite the challenges, we managed to accomplish all we ‘d planned to do  - and more!

Food Programme

(3rd & 4th issue)

Milk & Phala Programmes

Elderlies’ Luncheons

Thankfully, with help from our friends and supporters, we were able to buy in enough grain to issue maize, soya meals and soap again, to the 270 households, helping them survive through to the next maize harvest.

A highly successful programme, feeding so many at the most critical time of the year.

But at this point, having given away all our maize, our storeroom was empty…….. At harvest-time, In April, at its most competitive price, we managed to locate and buy 500 bags (25,000 kgs) of maize ready for the 2016/17 hunger period, beginning at Christmas 2016.  

Leaving our site with food for the month

Hunger …..

Monthly meals for the elderly

are still an important, and

appreciated, aspect of our

work. Undoubtedly, this will be

the best meal each has had

that month, and to make sure

they don’t miss the fun, some

start arriving on site early in

the morning.

Animated chat, enthusiastic

singing, prayer, and even a

little bit of dancing usually follow so it’s a special social event as well.

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The Milk Programme has been stretched almost to breaking point as 10 of our goats have been mated, so their milk ceased as their pregnancies advanced. This led to a major shortage of milk—and a sort out of the babies on our lists.  

 The older babies had cows milk, or phala—a maize based porridge, fortified with fish, soya, peanuts, moringa and sugar.

We kept our nutritious goats milk for just the tiny infants who had no alternative supply (orphans, or mothers with breast problems, AIDS, or too seriously malnourished to provide milk), and topped up with formula.