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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Each month we help in all sorts of emergency situations—transport to hospital for medical treatment or urgent maternity care, baby formula for hungry babies living too far from our Centre to collect goats’ milk daily, or help with funerals.

So many diverse needs,and we try to help if possible…..

Our goats are doing fine, but reproduction has been disappointing this year, only 3 male kids so far.  

Since 2018, when the new national nutritional policies dissuaded the use of goats milk for infants, and our meetings with authorities failed to convince them of the many vulnerable mothers unable to effectively breastfeed, our milk was diverted to nursery schools.

By the beginning of 2020 we were distributing milk to 2 schools, but gradually, it’s value is being reconsidered by authorities and more mums, desperate, but unable to feed their babies, are coming back for help, referred by Village Heads, Social Welfare or the Maternity services.

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January- June 2020……  

Dairy goats

The maize harvest in April was patchy - very poor in some areas, but better in others. However, all through the first half of the year people came to the Centre, hungry and seeking help,

Our “cash-for-work” scheme was overwhelmed with people working for food for their families, and beyond that hundreds of the most frail came, again, hoping for food.

We managed to help support over 800 families during the first half of 2020, providing the basis for over 50,000 meals.

Sadly our Elderlies’ Luncheons had to be cancelled from March due to the covid restrictions on size gatherings, but we grew and gave away 40 kgs of mustard leaves, and other vegetables, as well as home-produced moringa powder for extra nutrition.

Helping the hungry ….

OHP Centre - Chiringa

Along with many other charities, the coronavirus situation challenged and threatened to end

Aid Africa’s work after 15 years in Malawi.

Our Charity Shop closed in March, and with it went most of our income. However, help from the authorities and favourable responses from funding bodies recognising the value of our work, have enabled us to continue ….

—but more help would be appreciated!

…..but more help would be appreciated!

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