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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Many were hungry ….

Monthly distribution of our Food Programme began just before Christmas 2019 so the particularly vulnerable wouldn’t miss out

on celebrating this special time too.

This support continued through till

March 2020.

170 households (about 750 people)

received maize, (the basis for 300 meals),

Dried soya meals and soap to help bridge the 3-month “hunger period” to the next harvest, when maize was scarce and unaffordable by many, following the destruction of much of the crop in early

2019 by Cyclone Idai .

Food Programme


Along with the food, we also gave tree seedlings to help the families longer-term. One of the main trees we promote is moringa—a local tree with leaves packed with valuable nutrients—ideal for areas where so many are malnourished.

Also among the 4,500 tree seedlings grown in our tree nursery, were mtangatanga and acacia for fuel, and glycidia for green manure to improve crops.

January, February 2020……

Pupils from a local Primary School are excited to collect tree seedlings from our Centre to plant around their school as they learn about the benefits and importance of reforestation...

Distributing our 3-month Food Programme finished at the end of February, leaving our maize storerooms empty - but during that month (February) we’d provided the basis for about 20,000 meals.

To help even further, because hunger among the vulnerable was so serious, we distributed extra funds as “food tokens” to other households up until April.

233 households of elderly folk were helped in this programme, plus 11 families with disabled members,

26  AIDS-affected and 28 ultra vulnerable households.

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All were freely distributed to schools, community groups and households to empower local villagers to benefit their frailer neighbours as well as their own families, and share awareness of the importance of trees towards local environmental stability.

Encouraging Reforestation ….

Prep for 2020/21 Food Programme


Some of the beneficiaries of our 2019/20 Food Programme