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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Scorpions scurrying across the floor, crispy cockroaches in the sink—it was good to be back in Malawi, despite the heat, humidity, and lack of electricity.  But within hours the challenges began—people were hungry, students had been thrown out of school for lack of fees or uniforms, water boreholes had broken down…..  Where to start?

By the end of the trip we had repaired 7 borehole pumps, restoring clean, safe water to about 10,000 people.  We’d built 2 Community Centres to house Nursery Schools and civic events, we’d provided maize, soya meals and soap to 200 vulnerable families to get them through to the next maize harvest.  We’d enabled teens to take their exams by providing term fees, issued business loans, and funded emergency hospital treatment/transport—but life is tough in the rural areas ….


Summer Report 2018 including February-April trip

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All year round, we provide goats milk for frail babies, phala for toddlers, sponsor secondary school education, and at the other end of the age spectrum, host fortnightly meals for the elderly, but twice a year we travel to Malawi aiming to achieve bigger projects.  

Later in the year—we built another Community Centre, constructed 3 bridges, built 3 houses, repaired or funded materials to replace 55 roofs, and repaired 12 borehole pumps.

Winter Report 2018

Including September-November trip