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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi


A different kind of year -yet the “routine” projects continued to impact rural Malawi:

Our 2016/17 Food Programme culminated in a double-issue of maize,at the end of January empowering about 1500 people to get through to the next maize harvest. Vulnerable babies received our goats’ milk and fortified porridge all year, and our education sponsorship programme continued to support dozens of teens in secondary school..30-50 frail elderly folk came to enjoy a delicious meal and social interaction on our site twice a month.

We continued to grow moringa for its nutrient value, vegetables, supplied tree seedlings and encouraged community tree nurseries to plant for fuel, nutrition and soil enhancement.

We also managed to restore water by locating and repairing a water pipeline deep below the hard-baked earth - fresh water for a whole community, especially valuable in the dry season!

2017 Report