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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

Summer 2014 Update


February-March trip


Hunger still a major challenge

How does Aid Africa help?

Food Programmes:   Maize Feeding Programme

                                      Goats milk for vulnerable babies

              Likuni phala for toddlers

                                      Monthly Elderlies Luncheons

Agriculture                   Promoting high value nutrition - moringa, soya, rabbits

Livestock                     Our team receives amazing veterinary training

Water                            Repaired 4 boreholes bringing safe  back to thousands

Building progress       On our site ….

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Winter 2014 Update


July-October trip

Hunger continues ……

How does Aid Africa help?

Food Programmes:    Maize  -  milk  -  phala  -  elderlies

Water Supply:           Exciting new pipeline into Bilisoni Village

                                   5  More boreholes repaired - 6500 people

Livestock:                  Rabbinga

Agriculture:               Moringa development - training

On-site:                     Goats - Rabbits  -  building  -  Good News!