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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
ABOUT US ... Open Hand Projects in Malawi We work with local disadvantaged communities to encourage them to help their own vulnerable -actively discouraging dependency, while promoting self-sustainability where possible. OHP’s rural location - Chiringa Aid Africa/Open Hand Projects large enough to effect change,  small enough to identify real need and bring creative solutions. a) female goat complex b) male goat kholas c) goat kid’s unit  d) training hall e) processing unit f) site ”garden” “Open Hand Projects” is the title of the collection of projects Aid Africa runs in the remote areas ..... Donate now Local Staff 2013 In 2008 we bought a small piece of land close to our original site, and have been developing it to better serve the vulnerable ever since.

OHP Centre








Google earth: 15° 46’ 09.86” S                              35° 45’ 20.91” E

OHP Site layout in Chiringa