Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Our new Centre in Chiringa Under development ..... Josh helps demolish the old female goat khola - we recycled everything we could to use on the             new site. Training Hall Female goat house and paddocks The Training Hall under construction, with the Offices/Stores in the background.   This multi-purpose Hall, so generously donated by IATP was almost up to window level as we left, and will certainly become a key asset in this area. Water for building had to be carried either from the river till it dried up, or from the nearest bore-hole Front of Site Carpenters make the doors for the house behind the mango trees.  On the left is the rear of the Male Goat  Khola - three individual units The female Goat Khola, behind the wall, is divided into nine partitions with a temporary milking station, in use until we are able to build the Dairy Unit. Training Hall, Offices & Stores House ..... Female goat khola Site today The inner walls are part-plastered for hygiene, and the floor slopes slightly for water runaway when cleaning. (Eric - our builder - loves to have his photo taken!) Sept/Oct 2008 Donate now