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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

We were approached by Davie Mugwa, the Head Teacher,

for help in creating a constant water supply for the school

by connecting a 5,000ltr storage tank donated by Unicef, to the

local community water pipeline, and supplying a new tap. Unfortunately,

the tank didn’t come with the parts to connect it, and was at risk of being

repossessed if not fitted.

    Hunger and malnutrition are common here,

    so each student is given a porridge breakfast

    at the beginning of every school day.

    Erratic water supply  placed a huge strain on

    the school curriculum to cook for so many,

    wash children’s hands, equipment and

Monjo Lea Primary School Water Tank


for over a thousand students!

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This is huge rural primary school with 1254 students, from 3 villages, aged between 6 -17 years.


Opening Ceremony -

1st July 2016

The “Opening Ceremony” took place at the beginning of July. Local dignitaries and the community celebrated the installation of the tank together.

Left: Explaining the project to the leaders & dignitaries

Right:The keys for the tap handed over….

Food  Milk  Goats Agriculture Moringa Reforestation Water Education Training Helps Community buildings

                                                                utensils, ready for an early morning Assembly.

Originally, there was one  tap shared by the school

and local community, but in the dry season it tended to

run dry, so the school needed a storage tank to hold and

manage its own water supply on site.

The cost of building the tower to mount the tank and

all pipes, labour and fixings was way beyond the

ability of even an enthusiastic Head Master and

actively supportive parents to raise, though they had

already moulded and burnt bricks for the tower, and

brought in river sand .

                                                                 Dave surveyed the area, made suggestions about

                                                                 location of the tower and tap, and the work began.

                                                                 Unfortunately, not being able to locate the correct

                                                                 plumbing fittings caused the project to take much

                                                                 longer than expected, but the day before we left, the

                                                                 first water from the tank started to flow through the

                                                                 new pipeline to the tap, conveniently placed next to

                                                                 the kitchen and canteen. Despite the cement apron

                                                                 around the tap just being finished that morning, so

                                                                 couldn’t yet be used, we were all delighted—and a little

                                                                 relieved—to see the water flow freely at such good


This is huge in the “development”world,

and has already drawn teacher-training

students to study it as an example of local

pro-active success.           

Pretty impressive for our area!

This construction changed lives!